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Plan. Train. 

Our playground is vast, remote, and isolated.

Our role at SIRIUSMEDx is to preserve the health of the people who inhabit remote regions and the workers and
the adventurers who explore them, leveraging our team of health professionals, instructors, and enthusiasts.

Since 1990, SIRIUSMEDx has continued to diversify our remote health services.

Initially renowned for its remote and wilderness first aid training programs,

SIRIUSMEDx has also become the reference for medical support and risk management across Canada.

Adventurer or worker
in remote areas 



Do you need first aid training in remote areas or safety in extreme environments?

Company operating in remote areas


Does your project planning need our medical expertise to ensure the health of your workers or to provide medical services in isolated areas? 

Medicine Beyond Limits

Preserving the health of workers in remote areas is our main mission. 

To achieve this, we implement all the necessary resources to create a
safe working environment regardless of the location and complexity of your project. 

If the health of your workers is important to you, do not hesitate to contact us. 


Our wilderness first aid training is offered to workers in remote areas or those who explore wilderness environments. 

Medical Services

We provide you with a safe environment to protect and preserve the health of your employees. Our programs are designed to cover medical emergencies beyond the reach of 911.

Consulting Services

Our specialist network can advise you whether it is to implement a worker health program, develop new care protocols or an infection control plan.

Equipment Rental and Sales

Choose from our expert selection of specialized medical equipment, training material, first aid kits, GPS beacons, satellite phones... Go equipped! 

Medical Direction  

Coordinated by a highly qualified medical director, we provide ongoing supervision of dedicated clinics and care teams. We also offer corporate medical direction to help develop health policies for your workers and executives. 

COVID-19 Laboratory

Our private laboratory for COVID-19 testing is located at the gateway to northern Quebec in Abitibi and provides results in under 24 hours. We also offer rapid testing service in the workplace. 

Learning Beyond Limits

For 30 years, we have been teaching first aid in remote areas, with an emphasis
on prevention, practical skills, and management of environmental conditions.
We've earned recognition as specialists across Canada
and around the world.

Live the SIRIUSMEDx experience! 

        Equipped and...

        Buy or rent all necessary equipment
        for out-of-bounds expeditions or projects.
        We offer first aid kits, satellite phones, beacons...
        Everything to ensure your safety
        when you are away from home.

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        Roger Prévost

         "Très content d’avoir reçu le manuel terrain. Merci pour le service ultra rapide et la facilité de commande internet via votre boutique. Comme toujours, vous êtes une équipe “ su’à coche”… Je commence à peine la lecture du produit mais le simple fait de l’avoir brièvement feuilleté, m’impose un constat: ça semble être un condensé de vos formations hyper facile à consulter et le plus important un outil essentiel dans nos trousses d’aventure . Quelle magnifique idée! J’ai vraiment l’impression que ça va nettement structurer ma pensée et ma vision lors de mes apprentissages et/ou interventions. Un gros , GROS PLUS!!! Encore une fois…Merci à vous tous :) Chapeau à toute l’équipe!" 

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