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Save life with what you your pocket !

SIRIUSMEDx, in its constant approach to develop practical and safe training, is now providing each participant a SIRIUSMEDx pocket mask as of October 15th. We believe that this is an additional value to our courses as every participant will leave the training with the knowledge they require, as well as an essential tool to have in their possession. Not only is this practical to have on your day-to-day, but participants will also be able to use their own pocket mask throughout their training.

Why carry a pocket mask? 

This small little thing to carry is VERY important. Although I am certain that each one of us would be willing to give CPR to someone in need, there is still a natural hesitation that can occur regarding the risk to our own safety and health. It is a normal, logical response. Carrying a pocket mask in your car or in your backpack could reassure you that you could give CPR without having to hesitate about your personal safety. It is a couple of seconds of over-thinking that could be dedicated to helping someone in need.

Looking for a smaller size? Then get the SIRIUSMEDx keychain face shield! 

You can find this item on our shop : here

Odoo • une photo avec une légende
Contains one pair of gloves, one face shield, one alcohol swab and one hand sanitizing wipe.


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Team presentation : Carl Grondines
Director of Clinical Services