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Specialized courses

In addition to the traditional remote first aid courses, SIRIUSMEDx offers a variety of specialized courses that complement the first aid course. The modular design allows you to create a customized course by selecting the modules that are appropriate for your area of focus. Courses can also be modified or adapted to meet the specific requirements or needs of each client. Most of these courses are not offered to the public outright, so don't be surprised if you don't find them on the course calendar... Most of the time, you need to let us know that you are interested so that we can coordinate these courses for your group.

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However, some modules are accessible at all times as they are online modules, such as our latest addition, the COVID-19 Rescue Booster Module.

Wilderness Readiness and Survival (WRS1, WRS2, WRS3)

The customized program focuses on the principles of survival in remote areas of Canada. Participants gain in-depth knowledge of the preparations required and the essential skills to respond to a variety of emergency situations in remote areas. Learning takes place through discussions, demonstrations, hands-on activities, and simulations. The format and content of the course is developed in collaboration with the client to meet the specific needs of the participants.

Course Type:  In person

Duration :  8h (ARI1), 16h (ARI2) or 24h (ARI3), depending on the customer's needs

Prerequisite:   None, but a Wilderness First Aid training (WFA-20h) is recommended, either before or after this module.

Arctic Survival (AS)
  • The AS course participant acquires knowledge related to the management of accidents and illnesses inherent to the wilderness and Arctic environment. Topics are covered with an emphasis on accident prevention, practical skills, decision making, and management of environmental conditions. Through hands-on workshops, participants will also cover the basic components of safety in wilderness areas, survival and trip planning.

    Course type: In-person

    Duration: 1 or to 2 days, according to the client needs.

  • Prerequisite:   None, but a Wilderness First Aid training (WFA-20h) is recommended, either before or after this module.

Wilderness Risk Management (RM)
  • The Wilderness Risk Management training is a module offering individuals and organizations the possibility to learn the essential tools to create or improve their Risk Management strategies. It is a course with discussion and focused group exercises to apply the theory of risk management to concrete plans, documentation, and actions useable within the participants' workplace. 

  • Topics include risk management culture and objectives, analysis of current structure in place, legal aspects, risk analysis, emergency response plans, and action planning. 

  • The first day of the training focuses on the individuals in charge of developing and maintaining a risk management program while the second day is dedicated to training field staff to apply and contribute to the risk management vision.  

    Course type: In-Person

    Duration : 2 days

    Prerequisite:  None

Firearms: Use and Safety (FA)

The FA course participant has covered all aspects related carrying of firearms in a wildlife defense context.  The course curriculum includes firearms manipulation and use, basic safety instructions, wildlife detection and observation, firearms users’ responsibilities, storage and transportation of firearms, and practical shooting exercises.  

Course type: In-Person

Duration : 1 or 2 days, depending on the client's needs

Prerequisite:  Bear Safety and Prevention (BS) or Wildlife Predators Defense (WPD)

Bear Awareness and Safety (BA)
Participants in the Bear Awareness and Safety Course learn that preparation is the key to preventing dangerous encounters!  They will learn to recognize habitats and hazards as well as different species, plan their trips and observe and understand the language of bears.

Course type: In-Person

Duration: 8h

Prerequisite:  None

The certificate is valid for three years. SIRIUSMEDx issues a digital certification recognizing your learning.
Wildlife Predators Defense (WPD)

Wildlife Predator Defense training provides those who work in remote regions with an in-depth understanding of the habitat and behavior of wild animals in various regions of Canada and the North.

Through theoretical and practical sessions, participants learn to anticipate, prevent and respond to encounters with potential predators.

Special emphasis is given to hazard evaluation, risk management, prevention of injury, and practice.

Course type: In-Person

Duration : 8h

Prerequisite:  None

The certificate is valid for three years. SIRIUSMEDx issues a digital certificate recognizing your learning.

 Download the course outline: French            English 

GPS and Navigation (GPS)

This custom program is specially designed for geologists, researchers, and field staff who require a solid foundation in the use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology.

The program involves practical exercises and outdoor activities.

Students will be provided with GPS units for the duration of the course, as well as instruction manuals, workbooks, and all teaching materials.

Course Type: In person

Duration: 4h

Prerequisite:  None

Map and Compass (MC)

The map and compass training is a program tailored to your needs and is specially designed for professionals in the field. 

The participant will learn map reading and how to find their way with a map and compass, in case the technological tools are not available or become non-functional. The program requires practical exercises and outdoor activities.

Students will be provided with maps and compasses for the duration of the course, as well as instruction manuals, participant workbooks and teaching materials.

Course Type: In person

Duration: 4h


Search and rescue (SR1, SR2)

Search and Rescue training is available in basic (SR1) or advanced (SR2) versions. 

The participant will be educated on the legal implications of a SAR operation in the field, before being trained on the search operations themselves and the basics of navigation (GPS, map, compass). Basic training is intended for any volunteer participating in such an operation, while advanced training is appropriate for coordinators.

Course Type: In person

Duration: 8h (RS1), 16h (RS2)

Prerequisite:  None, but a Wilderness First Aid training (WFA-20h) is recommended, either before or after this module.

Oxygen administration (AO)

This course designed for diving enthusiasts combines a CPR-AED module for the public, Level A (Adult and child), and the notions of oxygen administration.  The participant will learn to understand the vital systems of the human body to be able to respond to diving and/or submersion incidents. 

Course Type: In person

Duration: 4h (oxygen administration only) or 8h (full course))

- Oxygen administration module only (4h): have a valid CPR certification

- Full module (oxygen administration and CPR-AED): None

Sutures and Injections (SUT)

The Sutures and Injections module is a 4-hour hands-on workshop offered within the SIRIUSMEDx specialty course series. 

Supervised by a physician, this advanced workshop for isolated care includes: Suturing, Muscle Injections. This module is a hands-on refresher workshop in which participants learn or review their suturing technique. The module does not, however, allow a non-healthcare professional to perform reserved medical procedures such as muscle injections or suturing at the end of the 4 hours. There is no evaluation or exam at the end of this module.

Course Type : In person

Duration : 4h

Prerequisite:  Be a health care professional OR first responder in remote areas (PIRI-80h)