Sainte-Adèle, Canada

Our experienced instructors come from various backgrounds and sectors (adventure guides, nurses, paramedics, first responders, military, rescue specialists, etc.), which allows us to adapt training to the diverse reality of businesses. Our programs are recognized by national occupational health and safety organizations in isolated regions. Our team includes more than 70 instructors deployed across Canada.

Sirius instructors are all passionate and professional people with strong teaching skills. They have undergone advanced training and gained extensive experience in teaching and leading groups in remote areas. Integrating years of field experience with proven teaching methods, they ensure that all Sirius training programs are always relevant and fully adapted to your needs.

Our instructors are all self-employed and can provide training for SIRIUSMEDx or training organized on their behalf.

Minimum qualifications

  • Certified Wilderness first aid training;

  • Training as a first responder, emergency medical technician, paramedic or nurse;

  • Experience in isolated areas and/or outdoors;

  • Experience in teaching/pedagogy/andragogy;

  • Knowledge and understanding of the safety standards and management practices of specific industries/business sectors;

  • Good knowledge of isolated workplaces;

  • Successful completion of the Intensive Instructor Training Program (8 days of theoretical/practical training and 2 days of supervised co-teaching)

Additional qualifications(an asset)

  • Pre-hospital trauma care training (PHTLS/ITLS);

  • Training in advanced pre-hospital care (AMLS);

  • Training in swift water rescue or vertical rescue;

  • National lifeguard training;

  • Training in search and rescue;

  • Avalanche safety training;

  • First aid experience in a hostile environment;

  • Survival experience;

  • Experience with wildlife;

  • Experience with First Nations and/or Inuit people

Benefits and Compensation

In addition to offering a competitive remuneration (professional fees) adapted to the context, SIRIUSMEDx offers an annual seminar to all of its instructors that combines theory, practical activities, lectures and lots of fun. SIRIUSMEDx also benefits from an Advisory Committee made up of several health professionals who are well known in their field as well as a pool of experienced instructors. SIRIUSMEDx also reimburses the vast majority of expenses incurred during training sessions.

Become an Instructor beyond limit !

We are more than 70 instructors in Canada...

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