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Our preventive and proactive approach is focused on managing critical risks, improving the impact of our interventions, and meeting the highest industry standards.

Our programs are carefully prepared, planned, reviewed, and adapted to the needs of our clientele, which allows us to offer optimal care, decision support, and preventive guidance. 

The analysis of your project takes into account the specific needs, the environment, the type of work or activities performed, the population at risk, and your budget.

Our expert team will adapt our offerings to meet your goals and minimize the impact of injury or illness while creating a safe, efficient, and healthy environment.

Clinical Services

Health Professionals

  • We have a diverse team of healthcare professionals with experience in remote areas, including: occupational health nurses, nurse practitioners, primary care paramedics, advanced care paramedics, physicians, and several first responders.
Medical Direction

  • Our team of medical specialists with extensive experience in isolated regions supports all of our medical operations and provides quality service to your workers and managers.
Medical Emergency Response Plan (MERP)

  • We review your company's medical emergency plans. The plans we develop integrate on-site medical facilities, regional healthcare systems, off-site medical support, emergency contacts, and emergency transportation options.

Equipment and Supplies

    • Any remote medical system requires a solid infrastructure and the appropriate equipment. We provide inventories and ensure the preparation and management of the infirmary at your site.


  • More than a tool, medications play an important role in the health and safety of workers. From dozens of medications, we choose the option best suited to the risks associated with the project and the level of care.  

First-aid vehicles 

    • Our vehicles represent the best solution in industrial first-aid vehicles and are designed for emergency situations. They can be used in place of a first-aid facility, providing a clean environment that facilitates immediate care and stabilization of a worker directly on site, close to the job site.

Consulting Services

  • We offer a wide range of consulting services to businesses, governments, and institutions. Our team of consultants offer a personalized approach, adapted to your needs and budget. We are committed to providing quality, inclusive services that cover all your needs.

Together, we will strategize the right professional support for occupational health and safety. Our approach is tailored to meet your needs and specific objectives for a one-time project, the development of procedures/protocols, or the implementation of a new service.


Looking  to establish a professional relationship for a manager or worker within your organization. Our coaching is available as individual meetings or group sessions to allow your selected team members to develop their skills.


We can conduct a thorough review of your occupational health structure, or your procedures/policies related to health, infection control, or safety in the workplace. From our experts, you will receive a complete report based on the best practices, laws, and regulations in effect. We also offer recommendations for areas of improvement.

Infection Control

Our reliable team of nurses and doctors specialize in infection prevention and can assist with your needs. We will help you build a prevention policy or screening programs, carry out these elements as a subcontractor, creating peace of mind and avoiding the spread of infections in the workplace. 


We offer professionally led simulator training suited to your unique needs in occupational health and safety. This support may be related to a specific project, your occupational health needs, development of procedures/ protocols or the implementation of a new service.

Nursing Consultation

Don't need a doctor? Perhaps your budget doesn't allow for a 24/7 physician for your workers? You can count on our team of experienced nurses to assist your workers remotely with minor health problems and refer them to our medical team if necessary. You will get a personalized, confidential service as well as judicious advice to save time and money.  


  • The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has changed the way we work, think, and behave. For the past year, SIRIUSMEDx has been assisting clients in the development of procedures, policies, and complete case management related to COVID-19 in the workplace. 

Management Program

  • We can help your company take charge of all aspects of COVID-19 : planning, policies, procedures, PCR or rapid testing, and medical follow-up. We also offer long-term support measures. 

    Management Program

LAB3Dx Laboratory

  • We founded a medical laboratory with two partners to expand our service. The laboratory is located in Abitibi, offering ideal testing on the way work sites in James Bay or Northern Quebec. We also send at-home test kits for processing to this laboratory.

    LAB3Dx Laboratory


  • Looking for peace of mind, 24/7 ? Your teams are hundreds of miles away from emergency care, and a single evacuation could put your project at risk.

    Thanks to telemedicine, we can offer an emergency medical response at any time, helping you avoid work disruptions.

    We offer combined (or à la carte) telemedicine services to diverse sectors, including adventure tourism, industrial, mining, and research. These services involve 24/7 access to a nurse and/or a doctor, an emergency medication kit, and a diagnostic toolkit to support remote treatments.

    Our diverse collaborators give you access, even via satellite, to a health professional and emergency care at all times, avoiding costly evacuations. Our computer tools are secure and meet the highest standards.