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COVID-19 e-Learning Series for the Motion Picture Production Industry  

There is a lot information available surrounding COVID-19: the science, the fact, the protocols and the constant news feeds. This series is intended to get every member of the production on the same page to better work together in a healthy and safe work environment. Together, they introduce the framework for managing the risk associated with the COVID-19 hazard in a production setting.


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COVID-19 Basic Awareness Course for the Motion Picture Production Industry 

For all workers (cast, crew, participants and competitors) in the motion picture industry, this course will give the attendee a baseline understanding of the science behind COVID-19, how to limit their exposure from an individual perspective and the basics of how to use personal protective equipment. The e-learning awareness course is presented by Dr. Marc Gosselin, medical director at SIRIUSMEDx and is accompanied by imagery and quizzes to reinforce the understanding of the concepts. 

This course takes approximately 30 mins to complete.


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Advanced COVID-19 Training for Production Management 

Building on the fundamentals presented in the basic course, this training session is intended for all workers that have a decision-making role affecting other people such as heads of department, producers, executives, production managers and coordinators. It will present the exposure control principles that are involved in managing the COVID-19 hazard from a production perspective. It is presented by Kevin Hodder a Producer with over 20yrs experience in the industry and is also accompanied by imagery, questions and quizzes to reinforce the learnings.

This course takes approximately 35 mins to complete.

Whitecap RSC 

Whitecap specializes in ambitious projects in both sets and remote wilderness settings. Our past projects range from remote expeditions to challenge based productions as well as competition reality shows.

We work hand in hand with the producers to facilitate the creative objectives of each project while seamlessly defining and integrating the safety goals for the production. We strive to achieve well beyond the industry standards for safety and logistics for all shows. Our skill and expertise is in achieving the creative goals of productions while maintaining the standards in the most complicated and demanding situations.

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